Stetson Law students perform pro bono service in the community.

Pro Bono Service - Submitting Your Pro Bono Hours

Stetson Law Pro Bono logo - Justice, Service, ResponsibilityThe pro bono work that you anticipate performing must be performed in the workplace of an authorized pro bono partner or approved in advance.  Volunteer non-legal pro bono hours must also be pre-approved. If you hope to perform pro bono with a private firm, organization, or attorney, you must submit a letter from the supervising attorney that (1) describes the case, (2) certifies that the attorney will not be compensated for the case, and (3) states that the attorney will be supervising your work directly and thoroughly. Submit that letter in advance of performing any work on Engage. You should not proceed with the assignment without prior authorization.

Once you are working with an approved pro bono provider (public sector or private sector), your supervising attorney must certify the nature of the work and the hours worked by verifying your hours on Engage.

The work must have been performed before the deadline for pro bono credit. The deadline is preferably the last day of the semester before you begin last semester of law school.