Stetson Law students perform pro bono service in the community.

Pro Bono Service Opportunities - FAQ

Stetson Law Pro Bono logo - justice, service, responsibilityWhy do we have a pro bono requirement?

Pro bono service is an integral part of a lawyer's responsibility and has been for centuries. All citizens have legal rights, but not all of them know what those rights are or how to access them. However, the inability to obtain legal assistance can result in devastating consequences. A lawyer's knowledge requires that he or she donate time to protect the rights of citizens in need.

Where can I do pro bono service?

For the most part, students earn pro bono credit by providing service to any agency, nonprofit organization, attorney or governmental entity. If an organization or attorney is not on the College of Law’s pre-approved list, students must contact and seek prior approval.

Do I have to do all of my pro bono hours at one time or at only one place?

No. Students can perform pro bono service at several different agencies in order to fulfill their pro bono requirements. Your pro bono obligations can be fulfilled by working at several different times. The only requirement is that you complete all of your pro bono hours prior to the beginning of your last semester of law school.

Can I earn pro bono hours if the attorney I'm working for is earning money on the project?

No you cannot. When working for a lawyer on a pro bono case, you need to obtain a letter from the attorney indicating that he or she is not receiving any fees, including court-appointed fees for the case.

How can pro bono work benefit me?

In addition to meeting the graduation requirement, students who perform pro bono work will expand their professional network, improve their lawyering skills, and obtain the experience necessary to develop their professional identities. Students who have worked diligently at their assignments may earn letters of reference from their pro bono supervisors for future employment. Your integrity, reliability, and competency will also grow. Ultimately, pro bono service will enrich you intellectually, personally, and professionally.