Information Technology - Password Protecting Documents

Password protection is very helpful for securing documents and can be easily added and removed as needed. However, be mindful of the fact that if the document password is forgotten, you will not be able to regain access to the document.

Windows (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint)

  • Open the document you want to password protect 
  • Navigate to File and select Info 
  • Click the Protect Document icon, the select Encrypt with Password from the dropdown menu 
  • When prompted, enter the password, and re-enter the password to confirm it; click OK
  • To remove password protection from a document, follow the same steps (File > Info > Protect Document > Encrypt with Password), then delete the existing password and click OK.

Mac (Word or Excel)

  • Open the workbook you want to password protect 
  • Select the Review tab, then Protect Document, Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook 
  • In Excel, under Security, you may add a password to open the document, edit the document, or both 
  • Enter the password(s), then enter again to verify and click OK 
  • Click Save

Mac (PowerPoint) 

  • Open the presentation you want to password protect 
  • Click File > Password; under Password to open, select Encrypt this presentation and require a password to open 
  • Enter the password, then enter it again to verify and click OK 
  • Click OK

Office 365 (Word, Excel or PowerPoint online)

  • From within the document, select Open in Word, Open in  Excel, or Open in PowerPoint 
  • Follow the appropriate steps above to password protect your document or presentation 
  • Please note that password-protected documents and presentations will not open with the online version of their applications