A model for better aging? Stetson students visit Dementia Village during study abroad in the Netherlands

Stetson Law students visited a model Dementia Village in the Netherlands as part of their elder law coursework during study abroad in The Hague. Photo courtesy Karolina Apa. By Kai Su “When I first heard the phrase ‘Dementia Village’ from my law professor, I was not sure what to expect,” said third-year Stetson Law student Karolina Apa. ” I vividly imagined a country style village… » Read more

Stetson offers study abroad in South Africa for law students, lawyers, and business professionals

Stetson University College of Law will begin offering a study abroad program in Cape Town, South Africa, starting in the summer of 2018. The Cape Town, South Africa program is meant to educate, inform, and create a better understanding of the world of international human rights in the context of South Africa’s evolution from apartheid to democracy. The program, July 5-Aug. 3, 2018, is open… » Read more

Up close with Cuba: Students and professor travel to Havana during Spring Break

Students, professors and administrators visited author Ernest Hemingway’s favorite fishing village. (L-R): First row – Caridad Acosta (FAMU), Professor Deleso Alford (FAMU). Second row – Francisco Lopez (Stetson), Jason Birdsong (FAMU), Kristen Overstreet (Stetson), Professor Jason Palmer (Stetson), Ashley Fields (Stetson), Kelley Parks (Stetson), Aman Dhaliwal (Stetson), JR Swanegan (Stetson), Troy Lewis (Stetson). Third row – Kristen Nasser (Stetson), Erin Domaracki (Stetson). Back row –… » Read more

Stetson’s Law School Information Day is Nov. 12

Stetson University College of Law invites future law students to visit its Gulfport campus, take a simulated class, meet with faculty and students, and learn more about the admissions and financial aid application process during its Law School Information Day from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. on Nov. 12. Stetson law school’s Gulfport campus. Future law students may attend workshops and information sessions hosted by professors and… » Read more

International programs leader first among law school peers certified in education abroad

Kristen Cohen, assistant director of international programs, is one of 21 people in the U.S. and the only person from a law school to receive a professional certification in education abroad. Cohen dedicated two years to obtaining the certification. Kristen Cohen. “Having a team member in the International Programs Office who is a Certified Professional in Education Abroad demonstrates our commitment at Stetson to implement… » Read more

Why study in Ireland and England? Stetson teaches advocacy on the other side of the Atlantic

Former Crown Prosecutor Gillian More lectured this summer during Stetson’s study abroad in Oxford. Photo courtesy Professor Charles Rose. This summer, Stetson University College of Law added new program offerings, teaching the top-ranked Stetson method of advocacy to lawyers and law students in England and Ireland. Stetson’s inaugural summer comparative trial advocacy program in Oxford, England, taught 40 students from eight law schools the Stetson… » Read more

Five days in Cuba: Students, faculty describe the experience

On March 15, more than a dozen students and two professors loaded onto an airplane in Tampa, Florida, for what was to become Stetson Law’s first study abroad program in Cuba. The trip was preceded by a course taught by Professor of Law Candace Zierdt that examined current perspectives on the Cuban Legal System and Society. Stetson’s class took place at perhaps no more pivotal… » Read more

Law in the Emerald Isle & England? Stetson offers exchange programs

Students at Stetson University College of Law can spend either a semester or a full academic year in new foreign exchange programs with Dublin, Ireland, or Norwich, England. Stetson students selected for the program may earn an LL.M. degree from the University College Dublin’s Sutherland School of Law or University of East Anglia Law School by successfully completing a year of academic work, including a… » Read more

What did you do this summer? Student turns study abroad experience into job in Spain

Third-year Stetson Law student Brandon Williams is spending his summer as an associate at a law firm in Madrid, Spain. The 26-year-old turned a Stetson study abroad experience into a springboard for a summer associate position at the Avego Abogados law firm in Spain. While working in a different country can pose cultural and language barriers, Williams said that the law firm made him feel… » Read more

Stetson hosts Study Abroad Fair

Stetson University College of Law hosted a Study Abroad Fair on the Gulfport campus on Feb. 4. Students learned more about options to study abroad on Feb. 4 in Gulfport. Photo by Amadu Wiltshire. Stetson offers summer study abroad programs in Argentina, China, England, Spain and The Netherlands. Stetson also offers an Autumn in London, fall intersession in the Cayman Islands, and spring break in… » Read more