What did you do this summer? Student turns study abroad experience into job in Spain

Third-year Stetson Law student Brandon Williams is spending his summer as an associate at a law firm in Madrid, Spain. The 26-year-old turned a Stetson study abroad experience into a springboard for a summer associate position at the Avego Abogados law firm in Spain. While working in a different country can pose cultural and language barriers, Williams said that the law firm made him feel… » Read more

Guardian UK – Feb. 16, 2012 – Dr. Tim Kaye, Professor Luz Nagle

Dr. Tim Kaye and Professor Luz Nagle join human rights lawyers as signatories of a letter to the Guardian UK protesting the banning of a judge in Spain.… » Read more

Stetson Law begins new student exchange programs with law schools in Spain and Mexico

Stetson University College of Law will add semester and year-long foreign exchange programs in Spain and Mexico starting in the fall of 2007.