Stetson’s Innocence Initiative hosts presentation on high-profile murder acquittals

Stetson’s Innocence Initiative hosted journalist Keith Long presenting on the role of juries in the digital and televised trial era. Long,  who wrote What if the Casey Anthony jury hadn’t been sequestered?, discussed the O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony jury acquittals. Keith Long spoke at Stetson on Nov. 3. Photo by Alan Brock. He described how his interest in the Casey Anthony case began when… » Read more

27 Years: From wrongful incarceration to exoneration

Norris Henderson spent 27 years behind bars at one of the country’s most violent prisons in the country, the notorious Louisiana State Prison at Angola, which sits on the site of a former slave plantation. Norris Henderson, exonerated after more than 27 years in prison, spoke with Stetson Law students Oct. 28. Photo by Karun Rivero. In 1977, Henderson was wrongly accused and convicted of… » Read more

Exoneree Derrick Williams addresses Stetson Law students on March 19

On March 19, the Innocence Initiative Reform and Education Division at Stetson hosted Derrick Williams, a man who was falsely convicted and sentenced to serve a life sentence in the state of Florida. He spent 18 years behind bars for crimes he did not commit. Derrick Williams talked with Stetson Law students about being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life behind bars. Exonerated in 2011… » Read more