Florida Today and Daily Record – July 2, 2012 – Professor Catherine Cameron

Professor Catherine Cameron did an interview with Florida Today on July 2 about the Supreme Court ruling regarding Stolen Valor that says that lying about having military honors is an exercise of free speech. The story also ran in the Daily Record.… » Read more

United Press International – March 14, 2012 – Adjunct Professor James B. Lake

Stetson Law adjunct professor James B. Lake discusses controversy over a U.S. flag depicting President Obama for the Orlando Sentinel, UPI and MSNBC story, “Democratic group removes Obama flag.”… » Read more

USA Today January 2011 Professor Louis Virelli

Professor Louis Virelli spoke with USA Today about free speech and a law restricting people from playing car stereos audible to police officers on patrol.

Tampa Tribune December 2010 Professor Charles Rose

Professor Charles Rose spoke with the Tampa Tribune about the author of a book for pedophiles being arrested.