Power comes from our collective effort: Gender equality pioneer Catharine A. MacKinnon tells audience at Stetson Law

Professor Catharine MacKinnon spoke to a packed Great Hall at Stetson Law in Gulfport on Oct. 19. Photo by Merve Ozcan. Author and gender equality pioneer Professor of Law Catharine A. MacKinnon presented the Nichols Foundation Prominent Speakers Lecture on “Butterfly Politics: A Theory of Social Change through Legal Practice” at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport on Oct. 19. Through her talk, also… » Read more

Kenya’s Senator Nyong’o defines leadership at Stetson’s Values Day

Senator Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o of Kenya spoke on the Gulfport campus about “Leaders: Men and Women Who Make a Difference,” during Stetson University’s Values Day on Sept. 19. Senator Nyong’o of Kenya provided the keynote for Values Day at Stetson. Senator Nyong’o described his formative experiences with historic colonialism in Africa and the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. that shaped his perception of leadership… » Read more

Rev. John C. Williams spoke with Stetson law students about an overlooked hero of the civil rights movement

Rev. John C. Williams spoke with Stetson law students via Skype on Feb. 23. Photo by SeanCarlo Lopez. The son of civil rights era activist Robert F. Williams, the Rev. John C. Williams, spoke with Stetson law students on the Gulfport campus on Feb. 23. After sharing a first-hand account of what the struggle for basic human rights was like for African-Americans during the American… » Read more

What is it like to walk in the footsteps of a Freedom Rider? Student Brittany Brochard describes her summer journey

Stetson Law student Brittany Brochard traveled with Stetson’s civil rights course this summer, June 19-24, to trace the footsteps of the Freedom Riders. She described her journey.  Photos and story by Brittany Brochard, 2L (L-R): Brittany Brochard with Freedom Rider Rip Patton. At one point or another we all study the Civil Rights Movement – generally for a class period or two in our U.S.… » Read more

Impacts of felony disenfranchisement discussed at Stetson

Desmond Meade recently completed law school at Florida International University, studied for and passed the bar exam, but is not permitted to apply to the bar. Desmond Meade spoke with Stetson students about felony disenfranchisement. Photo by Brittany Brochard. Meade is a former homeless man who is among the more than one million people in the state of Florida who have been convicted of a… » Read more

Equality Florida CEO speaks March 2 at Stetson Law

Equality Florida CEO Nadine Smith spoke at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport on March 2. The Stetson Lambda Legal Society sponsored the event. Nadine Smith. Photo by Amadu Wiltshire. Smith founded Equality Florida in 1997, and led its work to end discrimination including the ban on gay adoption and gay marriage. She is an award-winning journalist turned organizer who was one of four… » Read more

Students learn about the legacy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

A group of approximately 150 law students learned about the legacy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act during a presentation on Oct. 1 at Stetson University College of Law’s Gulfport campus. Students listen to Professor Emanuel’s presentation on civil rights on Oct. 1 in Gulfport. Photo by Jenna Kelly. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Anne Emanuel, Professor Emerita… » Read more

Orlando Sentinel – Jan. 28, 2014 – Professor James Fox

Professor James Fox wrote the opinion article, “Was the War on Poverty worth it?” for the Jan. 28 Orlando Sentinel and Sun Sentinel.… » Read more

Students learn from history-makers of the Civil Rights Movement

For the past eight years, Stetson University College of Law students participating in Professor Robert Bickel’s Constitutional Law and the Civil Rights Movement course have had an opportunity to visit the historic sites and history-makers who shaped the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Professor Robert Bickel and class met this summer at the site of the new Civil Rights brick pathway on Stetson’s… » Read more

Civil rights activists visit Stetson Law

Civil rights activists Ernest “Rip” Patton and David and Winonah Myers visited Stetson University College of Law on Feb. 22 as part of a special educational event organized by the local chapter of Jack and Jill of America for mothers and children in the Tampa Bay area. Stetson Professor of Law Cynthia DeBose introduced the program, and Professor of Law Robert Bickel helped coordinate the… » Read more