Judith Scully discusses racial disparities in the justice system on Bay News 9

By Saundra WeathersBay News 9Aug. 19, 2020 Excerpt Professor Judith Scully Bay News 9 checked with Bay Area counties to find out if black juveniles were charged as adults at higher rates than their white counterparts. They reached out to Professor Judith Scully, who explained the concept of “adultification” of black juveniles and how that plays a role in the criminal justice system. “That bias,… » Read more

Luz Nagle discusses inequality in the justice system with the International Bar Association

Luz Nagle is the former Co-Chair of the IBA Crimes Against Women Subcommittee and Professor of Law at Stetson University College of Law in Florida, US. She says, "we are always amending the existing system. But the existing system wasn’t built equitably."

Elder Law Prof Blog – Week of Aug. 23, 2020 – Professor Rebecca C. Morgan

Law Professor Rebecca C. Morgan wrote the following blogs for the Elder Law Prof Blog: Prof. Rebecca C. Morgan August 23: Elder Abuse, SNFs & COVID. An Article in Harper’s MagazineAugust 24: ASA Reveals Digital Platform, GenerationsAugust 25: Webinar on Elder Fraud Prevention and Response Networks – Building CollaborationAugust 26: Guilty Plea in Prize Notification Scam… » Read more

Louis J. Virelli III explains in Legal Examiner masks just latest in long history of safety efforts

Louis J. Virelli III explains in Legal Examiner masks just latest in long history of safety efforts.

Louis J. Virelli III talks to WTSP about constitutionality of masks

By Josh SidorowiczWTSP Tampa BayAug. 26, 2020 Excerpt Prof. Louis J. Virelli III Stetson law professor Lou Virelli says legally it’s a cut and dry case because it’s not a legal issue so much as a policy issue. “When public safety is the issue, our elected officials have the ability to change the way we behave in order to protect that public safety,” he said.… » Read more

Louis J. Virelli III discusses with WFSU the legal battle of schools reopening

By Ryan DaileyWFSUAug. 25, 2020 Excerpt Prof. Louis J. Virelli III Professor Louis Virelli teaches constitutional law at Stetson University – he explained why a stay is commonly applied in high profile cases on appeal. “When that appellate court makes a decision, if it is different than the decision the trial court made, then whatever the trial court put into effect will have to be… » Read more

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy looks at fate of Supreme Court with Trump victory in Vox article

By Ian Millhiser VoxAug. 25, 2020 Excerpt Prof. Ciara Torres-Spelliscy America could become even less democratic if President Donald Trump gets to fill another Supreme Court seat. “There are already five conservative votes on the Supreme Court to dismantle campaign finance reforms,” according to Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, a law professor at Stetson University and an expert on money in politics. In this sense, Torres-Spelliscy told me,… » Read more

Stacey-Rae Simcox leads expert panel on veterans law for ABA Day

Professor Stacey-Rae Simcox. As part of digital ABA Day, Professor Stacey-Rae Simcox led a panel of experts from the National Law School Veterans Clinic Consortium — a group dedicated to addressing the unique legal needs of military veterans — in discussing the importance of Legal Services for Homeless Veterans Act. As part of her introduction, Simcox explained Stetson’s Veterans Law Institute’s role in the community.… » Read more

Louis J. Virelli III co-authors 8th edition of administrative law tome

Professor Louis J. Virelli III Louis J. Virelli, III, with co-authors Charles H. Koch, Jr. (William and Mary Law School), William S. Jordan, III (The University of Akron School of Law), and Richard W. Murphy (Texas Tech University School of Law), published the eighth edition of Administrative Law: Cases and Materials and accompanying teacher’s manual, through Carolina Academic Press this year. From the publisher This… » Read more

Judith Scully offers insight on Black Lives Matter protests and recent Supreme Court rulings

By Sean KinaneWMNF 88.5June 15, 2020 Professor Judith Scully Excerpt Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren announced Monday that his office will not file charges against the 67 protestors arrested for unlawful assembly in Tampa on the night of Tuesday, June 2. Warren says in each of those arrests, “the evidence shows that the individuals arrested were peacefully protesting; there was no violence, no vandalism, and… » Read more