Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy moderated a panel on “Small Donors vs. Super PACs” at a Brennan Center, New York City Campaign Finance Board, and Committee for Economic Development Symposium on American Elections at the Crossroads at NYU School of Law on July 22, 2015.  Panelists included Congressman Sarbanes, City Council Member Lander, Jay Costa and Paul S. Ryan.  … » Read more

James Fox

Professor James Fox’s Counterpublic Originalism and the Exclusionary Critique (Alabama Law Review, Vol. 67, 2016) was touted as “Very interesting and highly recommended” by Lawrence Solum’s prestigious Legal Theory Blog.… » Read more

Susan Rozelle

The U.S. Supreme Court, in Glossip v. Gross, cites Associate Dean and Professor of Law Susan Rozelle in its recent decision regarding the death penalty. The Court cites Rozelle’s article, “The Principled Executioner: Capital Juries’ Bias and the Benefits of True Bifurcation,” 38 Ariz. S. L. J. 769, 772–793, 807 (2006) (      … » Read more

Luz Nagle

Professor Luz Nagle was appointed to the Council of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute. She will represent the interests of the International Bar Association’s Legal Practice Division on the IBA’s Human Rights Institute Council.  … » Read more

Peter Fitzgerald

Professor Peter Fitzgerald has just been named to the Fulbright Specialist Roster by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB), the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State (ECA), and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES). The Roster is a list of former U.S. Fulbright Scholars and other faculty or professionals who are eligible to be matched by… » Read more

Peter Fitzgerald

Professor Joan Schaffner of the GWU Law School just published a very favorable review of Professor Fitzgerald’s International Issues In Animal Law book at 5 Journal of Animal Ethics 94 (2015). Excerpts of her review include the following: “Fitzgerald’s book provides a much-needed text that bridges the gap among animal, environmental, and international law texts focusing on the unique issues and challenges raised at the… » Read more

Roberta Flowers

Professor Roberta Flowers recently taught elder law at Bar Ilan university in Tel Aviv and at Haifa University in Haifa in Israel.… » Read more

Wanita Scroggs

Wanita Scroggs has an article, “Free and Low Cost LegalResearch” coming out in the June issue of the St. Pete Paraclete.  … » Read more

Kristen Moore

Kristen Moore won an award from The American Association of Law Libraries for the AALL/LexisNexis Call for Paper Awards, New Member Division, and thanks to her hard work, the Dolly & Homer Hand Law Library won the Excellence in Marketing Award for the Best PR Tool Kit.  … » Read more

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy presented on a panel entitled “The Implications of Citizens United and McCutcheon for Campaign Finance and Beyond” at The Law of Democracy at a Crossroads: Reflecting on Fifty Years of Voting Rights and the Judicial Regulation of the Political Thicket Symposium at The Florida State University Law School in Tallahassee, FL on March 28, 2015. She talked about partisan politics and branding.… » Read more