Judith Scully offers insight on Black Lives Matter protests and recent Supreme Court rulings

By Sean Kinane
WMNF 88.5
June 15, 2020

Professor Judith Scully.
Professor Judith Scully


Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren announced Monday that his office will not file charges against the 67 protestors arrested for unlawful assembly in Tampa on the night of Tuesday, June 2.

Warren says in each of those arrests, “the evidence shows that the individuals arrested were peacefully protesting; there was no violence, no vandalism, and no attack on a police officer.”

WMNF asked Stetson University College of Law Professor Judith Scully for her reaction to Warren’s decision.

“Well I think that’s the right decision for the prosecutor’s office and for the people of the city of Tampa, particularly for the protestors,” Scully said. “That’s absolutely the right decision to not prosecute. The problem of course is that those protestors should never have been arrested. Right? That is the problem, but in terms of state’s attorney Warren’s decision, I think he is making the right decision there.”

This interview originally aired on WMNF 88.5 on June 15, 2020, with the headline, “MidPoint with WMNF News Monday.” A written recap with audio excerpts is available online also.