New Intro to Practical Legal Skills workshop offered

Intro to Practical Legal Skills is a new Stetson Law workshop for admitted students.
Intro to Practical Legal Skills is a new Stetson Law workshop for admitted students.

Stetson Law has created an innovative new workshop, Intro to Practical Legal Skills, to help soon-to-be first year law students start law school strong, confident and capable.

The 10-day online workshop is designed to give students a head start and make the most of their higher education investment. The workshop will focus on exposing admitted students to the fundamentals of legal education, the study of the law, critical reading, and more. In so doing, students will be familiarized with universal legal doctrines and will have opportunities to discuss important issues impacting law and society. 

Students will also have the chance to learn from and interact with members of Stetson’s faculty and alumni. The goal is to ensure students discover what it means to be a Stetson Lawyer, have the opportunity to reflect on their own learning style, set personal goals for their legal education, and get a preview of what it’s like to interact in the classroom, online.  

The faculty will include: 

As well as more than a dozen other professors with a variety of different areas of expertise.

A sampling of courses includes:

  • Finding Your Lens: Studying Law in Context
  • Listening, Critical Reading, and Thinking on Your Feet;
  • Law in the World Beyond Us: Cultural Competency and Global Citizenship.

Intro to Practical Legal Skills will run online from June 19–July 2.  It is free of charge, not for credit, and is also open to rising seniors from Stetson University who may be interested in pursuing law school after graduation.