Stetson hosts Women’s Empowerment Panel with three alumnae in the law

(L-R): Alexis Garten, Daniela Gomez, Amika Jeffries, Merve Ozcan LL.M. ’18, Brittany Maxey-Fisher J.D. ’07, Keongela Norton and Jahanna Azarian J.D. ’18. Photo by Daniela Gomez.

By Daniela Gomez

On April 6, Stetson’s National Organization of Women, If/When/How, and the Student Wellness society hosted a Women’s Empowerment Panel with Merve Ozcan LL.M. ’18, Jahanna Azarian J.D. ’18, and Brittany Maxey-Fisher J.D. ’07. 

The diverse panelists shared insight on their individual journeys as women in the law. They were asked about issues they have faced while in the legal profession, as well as advice they could give to the next generation of female legal professionals. 

Both Azarian, a fellow and graduate assistant with Stetson’s Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy, and Maxey-Fisher, a patent attorney who owns her own law firm, spoke on challenges they face as women in the law who are seen as either too “soft” or too aggressive and how to find a happy medium. Ozcan, a trial court law clerk, spoke on issues she has faced as a Turkish immigrant in the legal profession. Students also shared their personal experiences, seeking advice from the panelists regarding how they should have responded to their specific situations. 

The panelists also shared advice regarding job searching and bar preparation.

To conclude the event, Azarian, Maxey-Fisher, and Ozcan left the students with three takeaway thoughts: be resilient, speak-up, and network.