Part-time student Aggie Kuzniar moved across the world to pursue law in the U.S.

Agata Kuzniar is a student in Stetson's part-time program and editor with the Stetson Law Review.

Agata Kuzniar is a student in Stetson’s part-time program and editor with the Stetson Law Review.

In 2003, Agata “Aggie” Kuzniar moved across the world from Poland to the U.S. to pursue an education in the American legal system.

“In Poland, civil law is very different from the legal system in the U.S.,” said Kuzniar, who said she found learning about the law in the U.S. fascinating.

Her family in Poland was supportive, and Kuzniar moved to the U.S. as a student, focused on meeting new people in her new home in the U.S. and immersing herself in the culture.

She worked her way through her undergraduate years as a political science major at the University of Connecticut, visiting Florida for the first time during vacation as a student and falling in love with the warm climate. She decided to make the move again, this time to Florida, and found a job in the legal field within two weeks of moving.

Today, the second-year student in Stetson’s part-time law program balances working full time at the Banker Lopez Gassler law firm with serving as articles and symposia editor for the Stetson Law Review and attending law school. At Stetson, Kuzniar said she found mentors through the Stetson Law Review program and professors willing to lend advice on achieving success in law school.

“If you are a person who wants to achieve your dreams and meet your goals, it’s a lot of work and you must sacrifice your social life, but it’s doable,” said Kuzniar.

Kuzniar’s article on her journey from Poland to study law in America was recently published in the Federal Bar Association magazine. Her essay on the importance of the jury in American jurisprudence has been selected for publication in the fall issue of the Hillsborough County Bar Association’s Lawyer magazine. She recently won the Hillsborough County Bar Association Trial and Litigation Section Scholarship Essay Contest. Another article on data protection is forthcoming later this year.

After graduating from Stetson law school’s part-time program, Kuzniar plans to stay in the area and aspires to work in business law.

“Living in the Tampa Bay area is like living in a place where other people come for vacation,” said Kuzniar.