Peter Fitzgerald

Professor Joan Schaffner of the GWU Law School just published a very favorable review of Professor Fitzgerald’s International Issues In Animal Law book at 5 Journal of Animal Ethics 94 (2015).

Excerpts of her review include the following:

“Fitzgerald’s book provides a much-needed text that bridges the gap among animal, environmental, and international law texts focusing on the unique issues and challenges raised at the intersection of these three areas of study and practice.”

“While the book primarily is designed as a text for classroom use complete with an incredibly helpful Teacher’s Manual providing extensive information and additional resources to supplement the readings in the text, it is also suitable for the advocate looking to become more acquainted with international animal law issues.”

“In this globalized world where local activities can affect every nation of the world and where international economic conventions directly impact national laws and policies designed to address animal interests, lawyers and advocates must understand both the local and international ramifications of their proposals in order to protect animals’ interests effectively. In this book, Fitzgerald admirably meets his stated goal of facilitating more effective animal advocacy domestically and internationally.”

“…persuasively demonstrates the implications of international conventions on animal protection initiatives, both domestically and internationally, that in turn will facilitate more effective animal advocacy.”

“….provides a comprehensive resource that raises the visibility of animal interests at the international level for international and environmental advocates who may now not only see the conflation of domestic animal advocates’ interests with pluralist and national sovereignty advocates’ interests but also may see the importance of protecting animal’s interests for the own animal’s sake.”