Alumni serving the public interest

According to a September/October 2014 National Jurist article, a recent job satisfaction survey of 6,200 lawyers in four states has revealed that factors like personal satisfaction, autonomy and making a difference in people’s lives rank highly in lawyers’ happiness.

Editor Mike Stetz wrote in the article “What makes a lawyer happy?” that “Lawyers working in public service–such as those in legal aid, public defenders, prosecutors, government lawyers and in-house counsel for nonprofits–fared better than most.”

The referenced study, What Makes Lawyers Happy? Transcending the Anecdotes with Data from 6200 Lawyers, was conducted by Florida State University College of Law professor Lawrence S. Krieger and University of Missouri psychology professor Kennon Sheldon.

This semester, we sat down with several Stetson Law alumni working in public interest fields to ask each their definition of success. While the responses varied, one theme was consistent among each: making a difference in people’s lives. As varied as their day-to-day jobs may be, each of the graduates we spoke with serves the public interest in their professional careers.

We invite you to visit our Stetson Law YouTube channel to watch some of the short interviews conducted in our new series, Serving the Public Interest, launched this fall.

You will hear from recent alumni new to the profession as well as graduates who have dedicated decades of their lives to public service.

We hope you enjoy hearing from our passionate alumni as much as we enjoyed talking with each of them, and learning a bit about what inspires them to do what they do.

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