Greenlight Pinellas debate includes community, Stetson students

Stetson University College of Law hosted a noontime debate on the Greenlight Pinellas Plan on Sept. 29 on the Gulfport campus. Dozens of students and community members attended the event in Stetson’s Great Hall.

The debate on Greenlight Pinellas drew a crowd to Stetson's Gulfport campus Sept. 29.

The debate on the Greenlight Pinellas Plan drew a crowd to Stetson’s Gulfport campus Sept. 29.

Representatives of No Tax for Tracks and Vote Yes on Greenlight debated the future of public transportation in Pinellas County.

No Tax for Tracks campaign manager Barbara Hazelden debated with Vote Yes on Greenlight campaign leader Kyle Parks of B2 Communications.

The Greenlight Pinellas Plan includes bus improvements and future passenger rail in Pinellas County. If a proposed 1% sales tax referendum passes in November, the PSTA will implement the plan.

Hazelden argued that the Greenlight Pinellas Plan could result in more traffic congestion, pointing to wait time created at intersections countywide with light rail crossing. Parks said that the Greenlight Pinellas Plan was the result of lengthy research and planning, with endorsements on both sides of the political aisle.

Stetson University College of Law professors Mark Bauer and Paul Boudreaux moderated the debate, co-sponsored by the Stetson Republicans and Environmental Law Society.

“A Stetson Law education prepares students to be advocates for their clients, and for their communities,” said Professor Bauer. “We were delighted to host a discussion on this important issue so our students can become better educated voters and  citizens.”