Dean Christopher Pietruszkiewicz and Judge Pamela Campbell Honored by Pinellas County School Board


Sixth Judicial Circuit Judge Pamela Campbell (left) and Dean Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz.

The Pinellas County School Board honored Stetson University College of Law Dean Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz and Sixth Judicial Circuit Judge Pamela Campbell for their commitment to civics education in Pinellas County through the Constitution Hall exhibit.

As a part of the Gus A. Stavros Institute’s Finance Park, the Constitution Hall is an interactive exhibit that illustrates the role of the U.S. Constitution in forming the three branches of the U.S. government, protecting individual rights, and valuing civic participation. Judge Campbell discussed the project with fellow Stetson Law alumnus James Martin, who encouraged her to bring the project to Stetson.

This summer, Stetson Hall of Fame inductee Bonnie Foreman graciously agreed to underwrite the Constitution Hall exhibit, propelling the project forward. Staff at the College of Law designed the exhibit to teach eighth grade students about their rights under the Constitution, the three branches of government, and the importance of being civically active. Around 10,000 eighth graders will visit the exhibit each year as a part of the Finance Park experience.


Pinellas County Schools Superintendent Michael A. Grego (left) shakes hands with Stetson Law Dean Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz.


Sixth Judicial Circuit Judge Pamela Campbell and Dean Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz pictured with members of the Pinellas County School Board.