Stetson’s Bar Preparation Services, Academic Success programs help alumni and students succeed

Stetson Law’s bar passage rate climbed from 87.7 percent last February to 93.9 percent this February for first time test-takers, ranking second in the state.

Stetson’s Bar Preparation Services program is helping alumni to succeed on the bar examination.

Bar Preparation Services shares resources with Stetson’s Academic Success program, directed by Professor of Legal Skills Jeffrey Minneti. Academic Success helps students meet the academic challenges of law school.

Before Stetson students even set foot on campus as first-year students, they are required to read cases and materials in preparation for new student orientation, where they learn the basic components of legal analysis, Minneti explained. During students’ first semester, they may attend an Academic Success Workshop series, which offers instruction on the academic skills needed for success on exams. Students struggling with exams at Stetson Law in their first semester are required to partner with Academic Success faculty and staff to formulate an academic action plan designed to improve exam performance.

Professor Minneti infuses essential skills into the substantive courses he teaches. Students also receive individual attention. There are several courses Stetson students can take in their second year to help improve their academic and exam-taking skills.

“Academic skills work is about teaching students how to learn material, not just assigning them material,” said Minneti, who taught elementary and middle school children before completing his MBA and JD degrees. “Students learn the law, and also how to apply it.”