Stetson Graduates Will Comprise 20% of Elected Public Defenders in Florida


On Jan. 7, 2013, two Stetson Law graduates will retire from long-held positions as elected public defenders in Florida. On the same day, three Stetson graduates will be sworn in as newly elected public defenders, increasing the percentage of elected public defenders who graduated from Stetson to 20 percent in Florida.

The list of Stetson-educated current and incoming elected public defenders in Florida includes (pictured left-right in the above photo taken at a recent gathering):

  • Blair Payne ‘81 (incoming, 3rd Circuit)
  • Blaise Trettis ’87 (incoming, 18th Circuit)
  • Bob Dillinger ’76 (current and not retiring, 6th Circuit)
  • Marion Moorman ’71 (current and retiring, 10th Circuit)
  • Howard “Skip” Babb ’73 (current and retiring, 5th Circuit)
  • Mike Graves ’82 (incoming, 5th Circuit)

Babb and Moorman began their elected public defender positions in the early 1980s and, upon retirement, will leave behind a distinguished legacy of thousands of cases. Both men were recipients of the Florida Public Defender Association’s 2012 L. Clayton Nance Award.