Documentary film screening at Stetson Law describes human rights abuses, search for people who “disappeared” during Argentinean dictatorship

The public is invited to a screening and discussion of the documentary film, Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and the Search for Identity, at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport. The film tells the story of human rights abuses during the military dictatorship in Argentina between 1976-1983, and several grandmothers’ 35-year search for their missing children.

WHEN: Monday, April 2. Doors open at 5 p.m.

WHERE: Mann Lounge, Stetson University College of Law, 1401 61st St. S., Gulfport.

WHAT: Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and the Search for Identity describes the human rights abuses that were a result of Argentina’s “Dirty War” and the group, Las Abuelas, who have located more than 100 missing children, many of whom were captured as infants and did not know their true identities. More than 400 are still missing.

WHO: University of North Carolina Journalism and Mass Communication Professor Charlie Tuggle, former broadcast journalist at WFLA-TV, directed the film and Stetson Law Professor Luz Nagle, who teaches a summer course for law students on the “disappeared” in Argentina, will be on hand to answer questions.

“Today, Argentina is confronting this horrible past through the rule of law and the undying devotion of family members for their missing loved ones,” said Professor Nagle. “The story of the ‘disappeared’ and the pursuit of the truth is a lesson of fortitude, honor, and faith in justice that all law students and lawyers should learn, because what happened in Argentina demonstrates the fragility of the rule of law and the need to be ever vigilant against tyranny.”

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