Flexible Summer Courses Available

Law students visiting the Tampa area in May, June and July can take advantage of a wide spectrum of daytime, evening, weekend and condensed courses offered at Stetson University College of Law. Classes are offered at campuses in Gulfport and Tampa. Online courses are also being offered. The application deadline is two weeks prior to the start of classes.

“A large number of visiting law students have requested weekend and evening classes at Stetson this summer,” said Associate Dean for Academics Kristen Adams. “We’ve created a summer curriculum that matches academic requirements with interest levels among our own and visiting students.”

Weekend Courses:
• Voir Dire, May 19-22
• Expert Witnesses, May 20-22 or June 24-26 (two separate sections)
• Depositions, June 10-12 and July 8-10 (two credits; must attend both weekends)
• Introduction to the Physical Exam, June 17-19
• Financial Advocacy, June 3-5

Condensed Courses:
• International Law, May 16-June 6
• Criminal Procedure, May 16-June 6
• Professional Responsibility, June 13-July 12
• Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: Scottish, Civil, and Common Law
• Interviewing & Counseling, June 20-June 30
• Constitutional Law and the Civil Rights Movement, May 23-June 10 (this course must be taken concurrently with the travel course; the dates include the travel course)

Evening Courses:
• Evidence (Gulfport)
• Advanced Tort Law Seminar (Tampa)
• Arbitration (one section; a second section will meet during the daytime; both sections in Gulfport)
• Children and the Law (Gulfport)
• Family Law (starts at 4 p.m.; Gulfport)
• Florida Administrative Law (Gulfport)
• Florida Constitutional Law (Tampa)
• Florida Criminal Procedure (Tampa)
• Florida Practice (Gulfport)
• Interviewing and Counseling (Tampa, one section; another section will meet during the daytime in Gulfport as a condensed course)
• Negotiation and Mediation (starts at 4 p.m.; another section will meet in the morning; both sections in Gulfport)
• Professional Responsibility (condensed course; Gulfport)
• Trial Advocacy (two sections; another section will meet during the daytime; all three sections in Gulfport)

Day Courses:
• Advanced Legal Research (Gulfport)
• Animal Law (Gulfport)
• Federal Income Taxation (Gulfport)
• Legal Drafting (Gulfport)

Online classes are also offered this summer including Reproductive Technology and the Law, Legislation, and Advanced Legal Research.

For more information, visit www.law.stetson.edu/summer or contact the Registrar’s Office at Stetson Law at 727-562-7803.

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