NCSTL: Forensic Technology Innovator

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NCSTL Honored

The August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award. Click for high-resolution image.

The National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology and the Law at Stetson University College of Law  was honored as a forensic technology innovator in October. The NCSTL was  presented with  the 2010 August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award in the category of Innovation in Forensic Technology on Oct. 24.

The National Clearinghouse was selected for outstanding achievements on behalf of the law enforcement profession by the International Association of Chiefs of Police Forensic Committee. The award was presented at the IACP’s 117th Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla.

Stetson’s National Clearinghouse provides a unique online resource that concentrates on the nexus of science, technology and the law, educating and sharing information with scientists, legal professionals, law enforcement, academics and the public. The NCSTL forensic research database provides more than 100,000 resources about forensic science and technology, the law of scientific evidence and expert witnesses. The NCSTL offers an innovative  one-stop clearinghouse to assist research.

According to TIME magazine, August Vollmer was a self-educated criminologist who started the police force in Berkeley, Calif., in 1905 and pioneered the use of blood, fiber and soil analysis and  fingerprint analysis.

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