Overview of U.S. Law Project

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Executive Director of Communications

Stetson University College of Law professors have pioneered a new project introducing U.S. law to students around the globe.

The  Overview of U.S. Law Project  includes an online course and companion book specifically designed to help pre-law students, international LL.M. students, and students who have been away from the classroom for some time.

“Each segment of the course and chapter of the book supports the framework for effectively learning the nuts and bolts of U.S. law,” said Stetson Law Professor Ellen S. Podgor, who co-edited the book along with Professor John F. Cooper, Stetson Law’s associate dean of international and cooperative programs. “The project can assist those who need a head start with law school, those with English as a second language, and those who seek knowledge of how the U.S. legal system is structured and functions.”

There are 17 chapters in the book and 17 online video segments to the course, which covers a basic overview of the U.S. legal system, a comparison with a civil code system, and a description of the practice of law in the United States. A national faculty of law professors from distinguished American law schools wrote the chapters and present corresponding video lectures.

The project provides an overview of first-year courses offered in most U.S. law schools. Additionally, bar-related subjects, emerging issues, and popular topics such as intellectual property are also covered.

To learn more about the Overview of U.S. Law Project and to view an online video introduction, visit www.law.stetson.edu/USlaw.