December 3- Stetson Law to honor first Hispanic full professor

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Gulfport, Fla. – Stetson University College of Law Professor Luz Nagle has a career marked with distinction, dedication and achievement. She has fought drug lords and human rights violators in her native Colombia and excelled at Stetson Law as a scholar and teacher. Stetson will honor Nagle’s rise to full professor with tenure at a robing ceremony during the fall Honors and Awards Ceremony, 4:30 p.m. Dec. 17 in the Great Hall of Stetson’s Gulfport Campus.

“Professor Nagle’s work and research has significantly affected drug and human rights policy,” said Stetson Dean Darby Dickerson. “She has earned respect on a global level, and we are delighted to celebrate her full professorship.”

Nagle is the College’s first fully tenured Hispanic professor. She was a district court judge in Colombia until assassination attempts by drug lords compelled her to leave the country. Her commitment to improving conditions in Colombia continues through her research and work as a lecturer and expert in the areas of human rights violations and drug war-related foreign policy.

“As the first tenured full professor of Hispanic descent, and as an immigrant to this country, I am deeply honored to represent the Hispanic community on this faculty. I hope that this achievement, 104 years in the making at Stetson, will inspire others to work toward their dreams and overcome the adversity they encounter on the way to reaching their goals,” Nagle said.

Most recently, Nagle has worked with the Pentagon and the U.S. Southern Command’s Office of the Judge Advocate General to train Colombian military lawyers in international humanitarian law and how to work more effectively with non-governmental organizations in conflict zones. Professor Nagle has become an integral member of the team providing instruction to Colombian army commanders, Colombian JAG lawyers and military paralegals in efforts by the United States to improve respect for human rights among the Colombian military. The goals include targeting of suspected guerrilla sites and forces, mitigation of collateral damage, relief of effected civilian populations and most importantly advise in respect for international humanitarian law and human rights in conflict zones. In the last few weeks Professor Nagle has instructed at the Colombian National War College in Bogota and with the Colombian army’s 4th Brigade in Medellin.