The links below are to general Internet resources. If you are looking for a more specific topic
or a specific area or jurisdiction of law, we suggest you begin with LibGuides,
which contains web-based bibliographies, including some RSS feeds, in specific subject areas.

Search Engines

Google * ** ***

Recent studies have found that less than half the searchable Web is fully searchable in Google. Run your searches in multiple search engines if you expect "complete" results !
General Subject Searches/Portals

My Virtual Reference Desk
Librarian's Internet Index
Florida Electronic Library ***
Pinellas County Library Co-op ***
Tampa-Hillsborough Library ***

General Legal Sites

LLRX- Legal Professionals

* More about Google
You can use common Boolean search functions, including AND (default) and OR (capitalized).
You can also use a wildcard to replace word(s) ( e.g., to * or * * *) Use quotation marks to indicate the phrase you're searching for.

**More about Ask.Com
You can use Boolean search functions, including AND (default) and OR (capitalized). As with Google, use quotation marks for phrases.

***More about Yahoo
AND is the default connector between search terms. Can use AND, OR, AND NOT, NOT and ( ) for nesting.

In all cases, "operators" must be capitalized. (that is, AND and OR)

*Infomine is a virtual library for persons at the university level. It contains databases, electronic journals, electronic books, catalog boards, mailing lists, online library card catalogs, articles, directories of researchers, and many other types of information.

** My Virtual Reference Desk is a free and family-friendly web site that indexes and reviews quality, credible, and current web-based resources.

***Remember that a library card from ANY Florida Public Library will give you access to a number of general databases and other resources which are not available on campus. (The focus of our collection, obviously, is legal resources)

Remember that these sites are gateways, with access to thousands of other sources. Again, if you are researching in a specific area of law or jurisdiction, it may be better to start your research in the LibGuides pages.

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