Comprehensive Legal Sites

The following Internet sites provide excellent access to Law materials:

  • FindLaw (Owned by Thompson, and incorporating several other sites you may already be familiar with, such as LawCrawler.) A great source of breaking law, legal documents and a portal to other web pages.
  • American Law Sources Online (Also known as LawSource) Excellent portal site, including Canada and Mexico, with links to each state and territory. Also has links to Uniform Laws, Multistate and Interstate Boundary Compacts, Native American Law, and Amicus Curiae briefs.
  • Washburn's WashLaw Web University maintained legal portal, including links to state and federal laws, job hunting resources, Rules of Court, research guides, etc.
  • Cornell's Legal Information Institute University maintained linked to law events in the news, U.S.Code, Supreme Court Opinions, Legal Citation and Topical Libraries.
  • Catalaw (search for legal sites on a wide range of topics or jurisdiction, including other countries).
  • LLRX (excellent site for current legal news and websites).
  • WikiLaw Their mission is to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable world-wide legal guide and resource. While it is still in its beginning phases, this is coming to be an excellent resource.

Selected Print Resources from the Stetson Law Library

General Resources, Books, Loose leafs and Government Documents: