Stetson University College of Law Virtual Bookplate

Donated in honor of the 100th anniversary of Stetson University College of Law. Stetson University Dolly & Homer Hand Library.

The list of titles purchased with the fund includes:

A legal education renaissance : a practical approach for the twenty-first century : the history and status of legal education
Abortion politics in Congress : strategic incrementalism and policy change
Abraham Lincoln, Esq. : the legal career of America's greatest president
Academically adrift : limited learning on college campuses
Advancing the ball : race, reformation, and the quest for equal coaching opportunity in the NFL
After we die : the life and times of the human cadaver
All judges are political--except when they are not : acceptable hypocrisies and the rule of law
American law in the common law tradition : foundations of the law of the United States : cases and notes
American patriotism, American protest : social movements since the sixties
American uprising : the untold story of America's largest slave revolt
America's hundred years' war : U.S. expansion to the Gulf Coast and the fate of the Seminole, 1763-1858
Banking regulation in the United States
Beyond the big firm : profiles of lawyers who want something more
Biotechnology and the Federal Circuit
Children's rights in international politics : the transformative power of discourse
Civil rights legislation and litigation
Comparative constitutional law : Brazil and the United States
Comparative law : law, reality and society
Compelling confessions : the politics of personal disclosure
Constitutional sentiments
Cultivating conscience : how good laws make good people
Dark logic : transnational criminal tactics and global security
Darwinism in the classroom : critiquing orthodoxy and surviving the current environment
Diversity realized : putting the walk with the talk for diversity in the legal profession
Drafting wills and trusts
Educating lawyers now and then : an essay comparing the 2007 and 1914 Carnegie Foundation reports on legal education
Elder law
Exorbitant privilege : the rise and fall of the dollar and the future of the international monetary system
FBI careers : the ultimate guide to landing a job as one of America's finest
Florida criminal justice sourcebook
Forsaking all others : a true story of interracial sex and revenge in the 1880s South
Fugitive justice : runaways, rescuers, and slavery on trial
Fugitive slave on trial : the Anthony Burns case and abolitionist outrage
Genetic justice : DNA data banks, criminal investigations, and civil liberties
Gibbons v. Ogden : John Marshall, steamboats, and the commerce clause
God's Own Party : the making of the Christian right
Government Jobs in America: Jobs in U.S. States & Cities and U.S. Federal Agencies with Job Titles, Salaries & Pension Estimates
How the courts work : a plain English explanation of the American legal system
How to start and build a law practice
Immortality and the law : the rising power of the American dead
Incarceration and human rights : the Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2007
Indivisible human rights : a history
Invitation to an execution : a history of the death penalty in the United States
Judicial clerkships : a practical guide
Justice in Lüritz : experiencing socialist law in East Germany
Law school survival manual : from LSAT to bar exam
Laws, outlaws, and terrorists : lessons from the War on Terrorism
Learning from practice : a professional development text for legal externs
Maximize your lawyer potential : professionalism and business etiquette for law students and lawyers
Mixing races : from scientific racism to modern evolutionary ideas
Muslim marriage in Western courts : lost in transplantation
Nail your law job interview : the essential guide to firm, clerkship, government, in-house, and lateral interviews
Networks and states : the global politics of Internet governance
Performances of violence
Practical wisdom : the right way to do the right thing
Preventive law and problem solving : lawyering for the future
Punishment and ethics : new perspectives
Race, trauma, and home in the novels of Toni Morrison
Refugee Status in Islam: Concepts of Protection in Islmaic Tradition and International Law
Regulating the business of insurance in a federal system
Roadmap to Foreign Student Admission to and Success in U.S. Law Schools
Sexual injustice : Supreme Court decisions from Griswold to Roe
South Africa's brave new world : the beloved country since the end of apartheid
Specializing the courts
Subject-matter jurisdiction of U.S. district courts
Teaching law : a framework for instructional mastery
The communication of hate
The conservative assault on the constitution
The creative lawyer : a practical guide to authentic professional satisfaction
The criminal trial in law and discourse
The elusive promise of indigenous development : rights, culture, strategy
The fugitive in flight : faith, liberalism, and law in a classic tv show
The future of power
The judge as political theorist : contemporary constitutional review
The jury and democracy : how jury deliberation promotes civic engagement and political participation
The last utopia : human rights in history
The lawyer-judge bias in the American legal system
The myth of American religious freedom
The naive and the sentimental novelist
The national security enterprise : navigating the labyrinth
The offensive Internet : privacy, speech, and reputation
The promises of liberty : the history and contemporary relevance of the Thirteenth Amendment
The right kind of revolution : modernization, development, and U.S. Foreign Policy from the Cold War to the present and U.S. foreign policy from the Cold War to the present
The school-to-prison pipeline : structuring legal reform
The shame of American legal education
The speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer : to tell it like it is
The summer associate's guide to a permanent job offer
Theaters of justice : judging, staging, and working through in Arendt, Brecht, and Delbo
Tongue-tied America : reviving the art of verbal persuasion
Visual difference : postcolonial studies and intercultural cinema
What is mental illness?
When governments break the law : the rule of law and the prosecution of the Bush administration
Whose Monet? : an introduction to the American legal system
Yearbook on arbitration and mediation
"You can tell it to the judge" and other true tales of law school lawyering
Your billable life : a law firm survival guide for new attorneys