STETSON LAW REVIEW - 8-1 Fall; (1978)

Volume 8 - Issue 1
Fall 1978

Title (click to download PDF) Author(s) Page  
The Bulk Sales Risk - Who Needs UCC Article 6? Calvin A. Kuenzel    
Occupational Safety and Health Law for Agricultural Employment W. Gary Vause    
Update in the Law of Privacy William G. Berzak    
Unauthorized Practice of Law: Public Interest and Public Harm in Divorce Kits and Typing Services Frank W. Delong, III    
Constitutional Law: The Plea Bargain Defendant Cathi Clemmons O'Halloran    
Constitutional Law: No State Action in Self-Help Creditors' Remedies Daniel P. Mitchell    
Delegation of Power: Due Process and the Sunshine Law Carl R. Nelson    
Civil Rights: A Setback to Equal Employment Opportunity Under Title VII Paul A. Turk    
Torts: No Contribution or Indemnity for Independent Tortfeasors Guilty of "Active" Negligence John Hood Roberts    
Constitutional Law: Restrictive Single Family Zoning Ordinances Douglas A. Lockwood    
Labor Law: An Enduring Minority Union May Not Picket to Enforce a Prehire Labor Contract J. Emory Wood    
Malicious Prosecution: Absolute Privilege to File Complaint Against Attorneys Stuart Goldenberg    
Secured Transactions: Should the Nontax Liens of the Federal Government be Given Priority? Kathleen Campbell Freeble    
Constitutional Law: Denial of State Funding of Non-Therapeutic Abortions to Indigent Women Teresa Harshman Harrison    
Warton's Criminal Law Robert Batey