STETSON LAW REVIEW - 7-2 Spring; (1978)

Volume 7 - Issue 2
Spring 1978

Title (click to download PDF) Author(s) Page  
Acceleration Clause and Disclosure Under the Truth-in-Lending Act Michael L. Reda    
Stare Decisis: Toward Resolving Florida's Conflict John Harrison Rains, III    
Securities Law - Standing to Sue of a Defeated Tender Offerer Joel T. Daves, IV    
Warsaw Convention - Reassessing Limitations on Passenger Recovery in International Aviation Litigation Robin Richards Lane    
Constitutional Law: Cruel and Unusual Punishment - No Death Penalty for Rape Diane M. Van Ness    
Family Law: The Property Rights of Unmarried Cohabitants Carl C. Murphy    
Real Property: Constitutionality of Condominium Use and Occupancy Restrictions Julia C. Roberts    
Insurance Laws: Excess Liability for Wrongful Refusal to Defend Absent a Settlement Offer and Bad Faith Harley K. Look, Jr.    
Constitutional Law: Warrant Requirement for the Search of Private Mobile Items Kevin B. Krauss    
Trusts: Resolution of Church Property Disputes James C. Hauser    
Commercial Paper: Double Forgeries and Loss Allocation Under the U.C.C.: The Fork in the Yellow Brick Road Cheryl Flax-Davidsn    
Evidence: Impeachment by Criminal Conviction Under Rule 609(a) of the Federal Rules of Evidence William G. Berzak