STETSON LAW REVIEW - 29-4 Spring; (2000)

Volume 29 - Issue 4
Maximizing the Law School Experience II, Spring 2000

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Danielle M. Bonett1009

Dean W. Gary Vause1011

Peter F. Lake*1015

Bruce R. Jacob1057

Jeffrey A. Maine1073

Luz Estella Nagle1091

Carolyn J. Nygren1121

James Jay Brown1135

Thomas C. Marks, Jr.1155

Jack A. Hiller1181

Suzanne E. Rowe1193

Darby Dickerson1217

Karen A. Williams1229

Marsha Griffin Rydberg1243

Stephanie A. Vaughan1255

James D. Thaler, Jr.1265

Michael A. Bedke & Rachelle DesVaux Bedke1275

Catherine K. Fitch1285

Susan Harp1291

Brendan Lee1297

Jason Dimitris1301

Andrew J. Doyle1315

Sally Ginsberg Waters1323