STETSON LAW REVIEW - 21-2 Spring; (1992)

Volume 21 - Issue 2
Spring 1992

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Bruce Jacob: In Appreciation Robert Batey    
Tribute to Dean Jacob Nathaniel E. Gozansky    
Bruce R. Jacob: A Dean for All Seasons Michael I. Swygert    
Rule 58 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: An Appealing Alternative Scott L. Cogan    
Electronic Plea Taking at Florida's Weekend First Appearance Hearings: Weekend Justice or Weakened Justice? Honorable Karl B. Grube    
Agency Costs, Liquidity, and the Limited Liability Company as an Alternative to the Close Corporation James W. Lovely    
The Framers' Evolutionary Perception of Rights: Using International Human Rights Norms as a Source for Discovery of Ninth Amendment Rights Randall R. Murphy    
The Restoration of the American Federal System Roger Eric Nell    
Dickman Confined: The Taxation of Gratuitous Transfers of Use Mark J. Wolff    
"On Teaching Morality to Law Students": A Response Michael I. Swygert    
Solving the Dispute Over Direct Democracy in Florida: Are Ballot Summaries Half-Empty or Half-Full Robert J. Lowe, Jr.    
A Constitutional Challenge to Florida's Offer of Judgment Statutes LaTour Rey Lafferty    
Expanding the Law of Sexual Harassment to Include Workplace Pornography: Robinson v. Jacksonville Shipyards, Inc. Nell J. Medlin    
The Alleged Discriminatory Exercise of Peremptory Challenges: Appropriate Standard of Appellate Review of Neil-Slappy Issues Jeffrey A. Maine    
Florida's Homestead Exemption: Racketeers Should Not Leave Home Without It Stephen H. Price