STETSON LAW REVIEW - 21-1 Fall; (1991)

Volume 21 - Issue 1
Symposium: Corporate Malaise – Stakeholder Statutes: Cause or Cure?, Fall 1991

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Symposium: Corporate Malaise - Stakeholder Statutes: Cause or Cure? - Introduction Marleen A. O'Conner    
An Economic Analysis of the Various Rationales for Making Shareholders the Exclusive Beneficiaries of Corporate Fiduciary Duties Jonathan R. Macey    
Employees as Stakeholders Under State Nonshareholder Constituency Statutes Katherine Van Wezel Stone    
Corporate Constituencies in Western Europe Alfred F. Conard    
Playing with Fire: Nonshareholder Constituency Statutes in the 1990's James J. Hanks, Jr.    
Stockholders and Stakeholders Morey W. McDaniel    
The Proper Interpretation of Corporate Constituency Statutes and Formulation of Director Duties Steven M.H. Wallman    
Shareholders, Stakeholders, and Boards of Directors Nell Minor    
The Free Market Promotes Long-Term Efficiency That Benefits All Stakeholders Walter M. Cabot    
Fiduciary Duties and Stock Warrants: A Fine Distinction Between Shareholder Rights and Contract Rights Susan A. Barrett