STETSON LAW REVIEW - 20-1 Fall; (1990)

Volume 20 - Issue 1
Fall 1990

Title (click to download PDF)Author(s)Page
Toward Principles of State Restraint Upon the Exercise of Municipal Power in Home Rule George D. Vaubet
How to Decide: Decision on Life-Prolonging Procedures Rebecca C. Morgan
Charitable Deductions for Donations of Qualified Debt - The Need for Legislation Shirrelle D. Bailey
Tidelands Norwood Gay
Tidal Water Boundaries George M. Cole
Sovereignty Lands Claims - Balancing Issues and Equities Louis B. Guttmann
Public Versus Private Ownership of Land in Florida: Ethical Considerations J. David Liebman
The Coming End of Perestroika's Golden Age of Law Reform? W. Gary Vause
The New Soviet Union – Challenges in the Development of a Law-Abiding State Anatoly A. Sobchak
Government, the Holiday Season, and the Establishment Clause: A Perspective on the Issues Gregory J. Blackburn
The U.C.C. Lease Definition: Adaptable to the Documentary Stamp Lawrence P. Ingram
Florida's New Poison Pill Statute - A Framework of Analysis for Directors' Refusal to Redeem Douglas T. Noah
The Psychological Autopsy: A Retrospective Study of Suicide Anne A. Harris
Judicial Elections Have No Winners Susan E. Liontas
Fraud on the Undeveloped Securities Market Daniel S. Rosefelt
An Insured's Right to Recover Attorneys' Fees Under Florida's Uninsured Motorist Statute Martha Eugenia Steward