STETSON LAW REVIEW - 18-1 Fall; (1988)

Volume 18 - Issue 1
Fall 1988

Title (click to download PDF) Author(s) Page  
Third Party Tort Remedies for Crime Victims - Searching for the "Deep Pocket" and a Risk Free Society Linda S. Calvert Hanson    
AIDS in the Workplace: Policy, Practice and Procedure William F. McHugh    
Security Interests Under Article 2A: More Confusion in the Leasing Arena Michael W. Gaines    
A Quest for Diversity: In Search of the Purpose Behind Appointments in Estate-Related Cases Fred and Mary Storm    
The Imposition of Strict Civil Liability on a Media Defendant for Publication of Truthful, Lawfully Obtained Information Christopher G. Frey    
Tipping the Tender Balance: CTS Gives New Life to State Takeover Laws Mark Kapusta    
Corroboration or Propensity? An Empty Distinction in the Admissibility of Similar Fact Evidence John McCorvey    
Recognizing the Power to Remand: A Move Back to Fairness Catherine M. Norton    
In Re Air Conditioning, Inc.: Violating the Inviolable Standby Letter of Credit - Beneficiary Beware! Jo Claire Spear