STETSON LAW REVIEW - 17-2 Spring; (1988)

Volume 17 - Issue 2
Spring 1988

Title (click to download PDF) Author(s) Page  
State Plant Closing Legislation and Preemption by ERISA Nancy Kubasek    
Double Jeopardy in Florida: Two Bites of the Same Apple, An Offensive Nullification A. Kathleen McNeilly    
There's More Than One Way to Win an Election Shirrille Diane Bailey    
The Acceptance of Arbitration to Settle Dispute Arising Under Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Rico Act Michael Boutzoukas    
Reformation of Condominium Declarations: Conflict of Statutory Law and Equity Maureen Campbell    
Pretrial Detention of Dangerous Individuals: Constitutional Challenges to the Bail Reform Act of 1984 Mary Beth Cantrell    
Trading Civil Rights Claims for Dismissal of Criminal Charges: Release-Dismissal Agreements Elizabeth Pascale Francis    
Arline: Real Protection Against Discrimination for Society's New Outcasts? Robert Lipshutz    
There's Trouble in Paradise ... The Supreme Court Weakens Strict Scrutiny Analysis Stephen T. Parascandola