STETSON LAW REVIEW - 15-1 Fall; (1985)

Volume 15 - Issue 1
Labor and Employment Law Symposium, Fall 1985

Title (click to download PDF)Author(s)Page
Labor and Employment Law Symposium - Introduction W. Gary Vause
Principles That Guide My Decisionmaking Patricia Diaz Dennis
The National Labor Relations Board: From 1970 and Into the Future Edward B. Miller
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Reflections on a New Philosophy Clarence Thomas
Modern Union Organizing Techniques and the Future of Collective Bargaining Robert M. Baptiste
The Duty to Bargain in a Changing Industrial Climate John S. Irving
Employment-at-Will: Judicial Counterpoint to Labor Legislation Betty Southard Murphy
Expanding Roles for Labor Arbitration and Other Third Party Dispute Resolution: A Review of Recent Trends Robert Coulson
Arbitrators and the Interpretation and Application of External Law Arvid Anderson
Is the Labor Act Doing Its Job? Julius Getman
Worker Participation and Labor-Management Cooperation Through Collective Bargaining Robert B. Moberly
The Current NLRB Law on the Duty to Bargain With Regard to Plant Closings, Work Transfers and Removals, and Related Problems Laurence Gold
The Changing Nature of Economic Warfare as Reflected in the Law of Secondary Boycotts Vincent J. Appruzzeese