STETSON LAW REVIEW - 14-1 Fall; (1984)

Volume 14 - Issue 1
Articles, Comments, Note, Book Review, Fall 1984

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Florida's Regional Reciprocal Banking Act of 1984 Roland J. Crim   
Florida's Regional Reciprocal Banking Act of 1984 Carlos E. Laumiet   
Educational Malpractice: Potentialities for Applying Procedural Due Process Roger W. Yeorges   
The Social Security Disability Programs: Representing Claimants Under the Changing Law Anthony J. Russo   
The Durable Power of Attorney: An Important Tool for the Florida Estate Planner Michael L. Robertson  
Jury Trial for Petty Offenses: Time to Drop the Common Law Tests? Kenneth Clark Picton    
Turning Retirement into a Trade or a Business Scott L. Glazier   
Market Share Theory and the Asbestos Suits: Should the Industry Bite the Dust? John F. Kostyack   
Wrongful Death Action Barred by Victim's Prior Recovery: Was Legislative Direction Ignored? Adelaide G. Few