Stetson Law Review - 2012

Volume 41:3
Spring 2012

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Florida: The State of Foreclosure Kendall Coffey 655  
Foreclosing in a Hurricane: Florida Courts Struggle to Deal with a Crisis of Epic Proportions Matthew D. Weidner and Michael Fuino 679  
Florida's Statewide Approach to the
Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis: The Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Model
Gregory Firestone and Leslie Reicin Stein 719  
Deconstructing the Black Magic of Securitized Trusts: How the Mortgage-backed Securitization Process is Hurting the Banking Industry's Ability to Foreclose and Proving the Best Offense for a Foreclosure Defense Roy D. Oppenheim and Jacquelyn K. Trask-Rahn 745  
Abhorring a Forfeiture: The Importance of Equitable Jurisdiction in a Foreclosure Crisis Daniel Bahls and Katherine Hunt 779  
What Really Happened: Ibanez and the Case for Using the Actual Transfer Documents Anita Lynn Lapidus 817  
Guilt by Association: Assessment
Liability to Homeowners' Associations After Foreclosure
J. Martin Knaust 835  
Advising Your Client in Foreclosure Rinky S. Parwani 847  
Return of the John Doe: Protecting Anonymous Defendants in Copyright Infringement Actions Adam Langston 875  
Bridging the Gap: Amending the Federal Arbitration Act to Allow Discovery of Nonparties Daniel R. Strader 909  

Volume 41:2
Winter 2012

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We Built It, and They Came! Now What? Public-Private Partnerships in the Replacement Era Chastity H. O'Steen and John R. Jenkins 250  
"Beyond Debatable Limits": A Case for Legislative Clarification of Florida's Sunshine Law Cheryl Cooper 305  
Florida's School-district Lease Financing: Cross Collaterlization, Path Dependency, and Their Implications E. Lamar Taylor 349  
Appendix E. Lamar Taylor 399  
Pillow Talk and Property Taxes: Florida's Family Unit Requirement for Homestead Exemption and the Modern Marriage Amanda S. Coffey 401  
Disarming Digital Bullies: An Argument to Expand School Jurisdiction in Florida to Punish Acts of Cyberbullying that Occur Away from School Grounds Diana N. Evans 437  
Browning v. Florida Hometown Democracy, Inc.: A Case Study in Judicial Opinion Writing Scott D. Makar 477  
Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections, Inc. v. Browning: The Implied End to Implied Preemption Allen Winsor 499  
Board of Trustees of the City of Delray Beach Police and Firefighters Retirement System v. Citigroup Global Markets: Limiting the Enforement of the Florida Sunshine Law Jerome M. Congress, Jerome M. Congress and Todd Kammerman 517  
Index   525  
Recent Developments   531