Stetson Law Review - 2011

Volume 41:1 - Corporate Criminal Liability
Fall 2011

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Reevaluating corporate Criminal Liability: The DOJ's Internal Moral-Culpability Standard for Corporate Criminal Liability Lucian E. Dervan 7  
The Case for More Rational Corporate Criminal Liability: Where Do We Go from Here? Cheryl L. Evans 21  
Corporate Criminal Liability in the Twenty-First Century: Are All Corporations Equally Capable of Wrongdoing? Carlos Gomez-Jara Diez 41  
Corporate Criminal Liability and the Threat to Civil Liberty Jon May 63  
Reciprocity and the Criminal Responsibility of Corporations Adrew E. Taslitz 73  
Reevaluating Corporate Criminal Responsibility: It's All About Power Charles R.P. Pouncy 97  
On the Sufficiency of Corporate Regulation as an Alternative to Corporate Criminal Liability Lisa M. Fairfax 117  
Citizens United and Corporate Human Crime Christopher Slobogin 127  
Thoughts on the Corporation as a Person for Purposes of Corporate Crimainal Liability Joan MacLeod Heminway 137  
Criminalizing Corporate Killing: The Irish Approach Bruce Carolan 157  
Corporations United: Reassessing Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission to Propose that Political Speech Regulations of For-Profit Corporations Should Be Given the Same Reduced Judicial Scrutiny as Commercial Speech Regulations Sean Saval 175  
School Shooters: Perpetrators or Victims? The Need for Expanding Battered Child Syndrome to Include Peer Harassment in School-Violence Prosecutions  Mitali R. Vyas 215  

Volume 40:3: Chief Justice Roberts' Influence on the Supreme Court
Spring 2011

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Introduction Louis J. Virelli, III 661  
The Roberts Court and How to Say What the Law Is Michael P. Allen 671  
Is the Roberts Court Really a Court? Eric J. Segall 701  
Leading the Court: Studies in Influence as Chief Justice Joel K. Goldstein 717  
Chief Justice Roberts (A Preliminary Assessment) Arnold H. Loewy 763  
Children's Development Vulnerability and the Roberts Court's Child-Protective Jurisprudence: An Emerging Trend? Deana Pollard Sacks 777  
Preemption of Tort Lawsuits: The Regulatory Paradigm in the Roberts Court Christina E. Wells, William E. Marcantel & Dave Winters 793  
Citizens United, Stevens, and Humanitarian Law Project: First Amendment Rules and Standards in Three Acts William D. Araizia 821  
The Roberts Court and Campaign Finance: "Umpire" or "Pro-Business Activism?" Russell L. Weaver 839  
William Reece Smith, Jr. Distinguished Lecture: "Justice for All" Helaine M. Barnett 861  
Category Shopping: Cracking the Student Speech Categories Christopher Cavaliere 877  

Volume 40 - Issue 2
Winter 2011

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It's Raining Cats and Dogs . . . Government Lawyers Take Note: Differential Licensing Laws Generate Revenues, Reduce Costs, Protect Citizens, and Save Lives Phyllis Coleman, Heather Veleanu & Sandra K. Wolkov 393  
Legal Shelter: A Case for Homelessness As a Protected Status under Hate Crime Law and Enhanced Equal Protection Scrutiny Sarah Finnane Hanafin 435  
The "As Applied" Requirement of the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act: Judicial Abrogation of a Legislative Mandate? Frederick T. Reeves, George T. Reeves, George Zadorozny 475  
Stop the Beach Renourishment v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection: Much Ado about Nothing? Donna R. Christie 495  
Recent Developments Index   509  
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Condemnation and Eminent Domain   517  
Constitutional Law   525  
Election and Voting Rights   531  
Environment   543  
Finance and Taxation   547  
Government Contracting   563  
Land Use Planning and Zoning   567  
Municipal Authority   593  
Ordinances and Regulations   601  
Practice and Procedure   609  
Public Education   617  
Public Employment   619  
Public Records and Meetings   639  
Tort Liability and Governmental Immunity   656