Stetson Law Review - 2009

Volume 39 - Issue 1
Law, Literature, and Film, Fall 2009

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Introduction Robert Batey 1  
Demokratia and Antigone: Before and After Sappho Ruthann Robson 4  
Anton Chekhov's Home and A Visit to Friends: The Dichotomy between the Personal and the Professional, or the Lawyer Subjectified and Objectified James D. Redwood 47  
Sir William Schwenck Gilbert and the Illogic of the Law Michael L. Richmond 85  
Solstorm: Developing a Semantic/Syntactic Approach to Law Films Steve Greenfield 119  
Greenfield Appendix   149  
Troubled Waters: Mid-Twentieth Century American Society on "Trial" in the Films of John Waters Taunya Lovell Banks 153  
Visits to a Small Planet: Rights Talk in Some Science Fiction Film and Television Series from the 1950s to the 1990s Christine A. Corcos 183  
"Just Trying to Be Human in This Place": Storytelling and Film in the First-Year Law School Classroom Kate Nace Day and Russell G. Murphy 247  
Seagrass Mitigation Banks and the Governor's Veto Stephanie A. Broad 285  
Redefining Parenthood: Removing Nostalgia from Third-Party Child Custody and Visitation Decisions in Florida Sarah E. Kay 317  


Volume 38 - Issue 3
Local Government, Spring 2009

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Hometown Democracy--The St. Pete Beach Experience Michael S. Davis & Nicole C. Armstrong 491  
Special Magistrates in Code Enforcement Proceedings: Local Government Agents or Arbiters of Fairness and Justice? Harry M. Hipler 519  
Calming the Storm: Public Access to Florida's Beaches in the Wake of Hurricane-Related Sand Loss Forrest J. Bass 541  
Bass Appendix Forrest J. Bass 573  
Bending the Bow of Equity: Three Ways Florida Can Improve Its Equitable Adoption Policy Lindsay Ayn Warner 577  
Recent Developments Index   619  
Recent Developments Caselist   623  
Communications Privacy   627  
Condemnation & Eminent Domain   631  
Constitutional Law   651  
Elections & Voting Rights   669  
Eminent Domain   683  
Environment   687  
Finance & Taxation   689  
Government Contracting   719  
Government Officials   723  
Land Use Planning & Zoning   725  
Municipalities   743  
Ordinances & Regulations   747  
Police   753  
Practice & Procedure   763  
Public Education   767  
Public Employment   773  
Public Records & Meetings   787  

Volume 38 - Issue 2
Biodiversity Protection and Mitigation, Winter 2009

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Biodiversity Protection and Mitigation Jessica Fox 205  
Compensating for Wetland Losses under the Clean Water Act (Redux): Evaluating the Federal Compensatory Mitigation Regulation Royal C. Gardner, Joy Zedler, Ann Redmond, R. Eugene Turner, Carol A. Johnston, Victoria R. Alvarez, Charles A. Simenstad, Karen L. Prestegaard, William J. Mitsch 213  
Implementing the New Ecosystem Services Mandate of the Section 404 Compensatory Mitigation Program - A Catalyst for Advancing Science and Policy J.B. Ruhl, James Salzman, Iris Goodman 251  
Do the Mitigation Regulations Satisfy the Law? Wait and See. Margaret "Peggy" Strand 273  
New Mitigation Rule Promises More of the Same: Why the New Corps and EPA Mitigation Rule Will Fail to Protect Our Aquatic Resources Adequately James Murphy, Jan Goldman-Carter, Julie Sibbing 311  
Perpetual Stewardship Considerations for Compensatory Mitigation and Mitigation Banks Sherry Teresa 337  
Incentives for Biodiversity Conservation in NSW, Australia Louisa Mamouney, Jennifer Stace, Caroline Heathcote 357  
Creating Space by Giving Space: A Management Plan for Integration of Economic Development and Protection of the Natterjack Toad in a Dutch Polder Reinier de Nooij, Rob Lenders, Rob Leuven, Annemarieke Spitzen, Ronald Zollinger 381  
Nooij Appendix Reinier de Nooij, Rob Lenders, Rob Leuven, Annemarieke Spitzen, Ronald Zollinger 405  
Allowing for Cultural Discussion of Queerness and Pansexuality: Sex/Gender/Sexual Belief Systems, the Religion Clauses, and the Ideal of Pluralism Gretchen Adel Myers 409  
The Economics of Exclusionary Zoning and Affordable Housing Benjamin Harney 459