International Student Exchange - Requirements

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Requirements for Foreign Students

Upon nomination from your home school, you will receive the following forms from Stetson University. These forms should be returned, fully completed and signed, as soon as possible:

1. "Application to be an International Exchange Student at Stetson University College of Law."

2. DS-2019 Request Form to begin your visa process.

Exchange students are typically issued J-1 visas. Please make certain that the name on all your forms, including the DS-2019 Form, is the same as that listed on your passport. Inconsistencies or differing names may cause delays with U.S. Immigration authorities.

Fill out the DS-2019 Request Form with the dates and year of the term you will be attending. The J-1 visa allows you to arrive sixty (60) days in advance and to stay up to sixty (60) days after the term listed on your visa documentation. Your travel plans should be made within these parameters.

Also make certain you list any additional family members or dependents who will be traveling with you on the DS-2019 form. You will need to provide proof of additional funds for each additional dependent and a copy of their passport.

Please note: A student on a J-1 visa cannot accept off-campus employment. Spouses of J-1 visa holders (J-2) are allowed to apply for work permission in the U.S.

3. Financial Declaration.

Stetson University College of Law is required by U.S. government regulations to check the availability of adequate funding for your living expenses, books and fees while you are in Stetson as an International Exchange Student. We will be unable to provide you with the documents necessary to obtain your visa without prior verification of adequate funding. Be aware that all fees and expenses are subject to change; it is best to plan to have additional funding well beyond the minimum.

All forms listed above will be emailed to you when your school informs us of your nomination to participate in the International Students Exchange program.