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Messages from Stetson Law Alumni

This is not the last semester of your law school career nor the graduation you imagined. We, your fellow alumni, are disappointed for you too. But this is still your graduation and your accomplishment. You have accomplished an immense feat--successfully completing law school--amidst a turbulent and unprecedented environment. We are proud of you and celebrate you virtually. Welcome as the newest alumni of Stetson Law! You are showing your fortitude and mental grit, which will serve you well in your career. As anxious as you may feel to start your next chapter as lawyers in this environment, you will make it through this stronger on the other side. The Stetson alumni community is here to help you--please reach out to us, your newest network, as you need guidance and support. Congrats!

Amy Rigdon, JD '08President
Stetson Lawyers Alumni Association

First off congratulations on your accomplishments, you should be proud of your achievement. It is no small feat to have graduated from law school, especially one as prestigious as Stetson Law. Though we are not able to celebrate your achievement as we traditionally would have under different circumstances, I can assure that it is no less special. These are challenging times, but its our willingness to face those challenges that distinguishes us. I am proud to call you- the class 2020- my fellow Stetson Law Alumni, and I look forward to seeing what impact you have on the world with your talents and the skills you have acquired. Good luck to you. Remember that when you have any doubts, you have a large Stetson family to lean on.

Hon. Michael Baggé-Hernández, JD '07

Congratulations on graduating from Stetson Law and welcome to a career that will challenge you to continue learning and growing for years to come. Remember to seek out relationships with other lawyers and legal professionals who can be helpful to you along your way. Truly yours, Paul

Paul V. Suppicich, JD '05

Congratulations Stetson Law School Class of 2020!! I hope you are all finding ways to celebrate and honor all your hard work and achievements today. It is a BIG DEAL! Well done and congratulations.

Excited to welcome you all to the practice of law and hope to see you all involved with your local young lawyer divisions in the near future (whether virtually or in person!).

Ciara Willis, JD '16

Dear 2020 Stetson Law Grads --

Congratulations on your accomplishment! You will soon be part of an innovative, diverse, and accomplished association of Stetson Law alumni. Welcome!

Natashia Hines, JD '10

Congratulations, Class of 2020! You are now among a very dedicated network of Stetson Law alums around the world. We are cheering for you, and we are here to help you start your journey as lawyers. Call on us whenever you wish; we will answer the call and do whatever we can to ensure your success. That is "The Stetson Way." But remember, soon you will be doing the same for new Stetson Law grads entering the profession. Together, we are Stetson Law.

Daniel Whitehouse, JD '11

What a monumental time in your life! Congratulations and all the best wishes in the world to you! Your journey is really just beginning but it is adventure filled. You have the best possible foundation for an amazing career. Do good things. Be honest. Be trustworthy. Be dependable. Make Stetson proud! But above all, protect your integrity. It is your most valuable asset. Good luck to you!

Michelle Morley, JD '86

Congratulations on your well-deserved success! You're now joining a distinguished group of fellow Hatters who are excited to see you grow into the exceptional attorneys we know you'll become.

Welcome to the club and best of luck on all your future endeavors. #WeAreStetson

Alexander Howell, JD '17

Congratulations on finishing law school! Though you may not be able to celebrate this accomplishment in the way you had hoped, know that we are still cheering you on. In the coming weeks, as your prepare for the bar exam or look for your first attorney position, continue to lean on friends and family who have supported you thus far. Additionally, please reach to alumni like myself, as it wasn't too long ago that we were where you are in your legal journey. I look forward to you joining our community. We are STETSON!

Frank Leung, JD/MBA '13

You've done it! Congratulations! 3 years of law school, and now you enter the legal working world. As you do, remember what Stetson taught you about professionalism and your reputation. The practice of law can get ugly, so the lawyers who practice can't be. Be zealous in your advocacy, but kind in your demeanor, to clients, opposing counsels, colleagues and judges. That will get you far and you will have a successful career - despite the times we are currently in. This is a huge milestone and the Stetson faculty, staff and alumni are proud of you! Good luck in all of your endeavors.

Kayla Richmond, JD/MBA '13

Dear Class of 2020:

CONGRATULATIONS! As our newest graduates of Stetson University College of Law you are now an official member of an extraordinary group of 43,000+ alumni that spans around the world. The Stetson alumni network is here, ready to welcome you with open arms. It is a connection like no other but, the onus is on you to remain engaged with us, to be active participants with your new alumni status, and take full advantage of what this network can offer you.

As a graduate from Stetson, you are prepared for that next step in life. You will soon have your law degree, which only a small percentage of the population can claim. I encourage you to be confident as you take your next steps into the world. Determination, hard work and a positive attitude will help you get far in life, because that is what has helped you succeed during your time at Stetson.

Please know we are so very proud of you and the entire class of 2020! Your continued commitment and engagement with Stetson is important to all of us. And that goes both ways because we are committed to helping you engage with the greater Hatter alumni network…and that is a life-long promise, because you are and will always be: #foreverconnected.

It is my pleasure to welcome each one of you into the Stetson University Alumni Association, with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereto appertaining, wherever in the world you may go. Cheers to you, the class of 2020!

Ranell Tinsley Mason, BA ’00President
Stetson University Alumni Association


Congratulations, you did a thing: A very, very big thing. Something that will last a lifetime.

It might seem daunting to step into the world now as a law degree graduate given the circumstances. For those choosing to take a Bar Exam soon, you may think that this time was always going to be challenging. In either event, this is just the beginning for you.

Do not think that if you did not do well on every law school exam or if you did not make Trial Team, you will not be the best lawyer you want to be. You have the tools. You have the tenacity. You made it this far.

You have at your disposal so much knowledge and training, you can choose many a thing to do with it. You can even create your own thing. The choice is yours. Own it.

All The Best,

Patrick Iyampillai, JD '16

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