Rachel S. Sanders

rachel_sanders_photo Name: Rachel S. Sanders
Year Graduated: 2011
Service Branch: Air Force
Military Rank: Captain
Stationed In:
Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama; Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Montana; Ramstein AB, Germany

How did military service prepare you for the study of law or for life in general?
Throughout my time in the military I learned to never be satisfied with the status quo. I possess the ability to make things better, and I have a duty to use that ability for the greater good, which leads to why I am in law school. Law school is a lot like an officer training program because preparation is the key to success. Time management and prioritizing competing interests are also imperative.

Were there particular military service experiences that heightened your interest in the law?
Yes, I was an Air Force Safety Investigation Board member for an aircraft accident with eight fatalities, including the assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition. After determining the cause of the accident, the board put forth a recommendation to change the Air Force officer promotion system to prevent future incidents. The secretary of the Air Force accepted the recommendation and implemented the proposal. It was gratifying to have helped shape Air Force policy in hopes of preventing another tragedy.

What do you think civilians should know about those in the service?
While life as a military family is enjoyable, it is also challenging to raise children without the support of an established network of friends and family. The difficulty is heightened when military members deploy, which presents an opportunity for civilians to support military families by offering practical assistance.

Why did you select Stetson Law? Is the atmosphere supportive of military veterans?
When deciding where to attend law school, I contacted student representatives to hear their perspective. Interested, I flew out to visit the school. The student professionalism and faculty accessibility impressed me and I chose Stetson over the other schools where I was accepted.