Jon McGill

jon_mcgill_photo Name: Jon McGill
Year at Stetson Law: 1L
Expected Graduation: May 2013
Service Branch: Air Force
Military Rank: Technical Sergeant
Stationed In:
Panama City, Florida; Aviano, Italy; San Angelo, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Baghdad, Iraq; Al Jabar, Kuwait; Osan, South Korea; Washington, D.C.; Tampa, Florida

How did military service prepare you for the study of law or for life in general?
Today's military places a heavy focus on professional education. I have attended numerous professional development courses, leadership courses, and performance workshops. The military can be quite demanding and requires service before self. This creates a "get it done" attitude, that helps in law school when deciding between sleeping or reading.

Were there particular military service experiences that heightened your interest in the law?
I am involved in the intelligence and targeting career fields. Both of these areas are heavily governed by law. I've had situations that required a thorough understanding of the law and the intent behind the law. I've also found that some laws may be outdated, or are no longer applicable to today's situations. These types of situations have created an interest in law for me.

What do you think civilians should know about those in the service?
Military members really appreciate the caring environment by civilians in these trying times.

Why did you select Stetson Law? Is the atmosphere supportive of military veterans?
I've found Stetson Law to be a perfect fit for my goals. The philosophy here is one that mirrors military philosophy because there is a heavy emphasis on success and teamwork. I've also found that Stetson will be supportive of my military service if I have to deploy to Afghanistan.

What are your plans for after law school?
Finish my final two years in the military, take a sabbatical, and begin practicing international law.