John W. Crawford

john_crawford_photo Name: John W. Crawford
Year Graduated: 2011
Service Branch: Army
Military Rank: Staff Sergeant
Stationed In:
Ft. Stewart, Georgia; Baumholder, Germany; Albania; Kosovo; Somalia; Iraq; Kuwait

How did military service prepare you for the study of law or for life in general?
It taught me to prioritize what I want in life and to focus on my goals. I learned self discipline, how to ignore the distractions of what I want now in order to be successful later. I learned to place the welfare of others above my own welfare when needed. If not for the military, I would not have succeeded in life, much less in law school.

Were there particular military service experiences that heightened your interest in the law?
I did not decide to go to law school until I was already in college. But I think that my experience as a combat medic has taught me to enjoy helping others, and I like the concept of helping others through the practice of law.

What do you think civilians should know about those in the service?
People try to place us on a pedestal, but we're just regular people. We have our strengths and weaknesses and our faults, just like everybody else. Generally, we don't fight for some mysterious greater good; we simply fight because we don't want to let our friends beside us down.

Why did you select Stetson Law? Is the atmosphere supportive of military veterans?
I selected Stetson because it seems to focus on the practical side of law. I don't want to come out of law school with nothing more than a knowledge of theory. I've learned in the military that practical working knowledge is necessary to succeed in life, and Stetson's focus on advocacy and research and writing seems to support this goal.

What are your plans for after law school?
I am still in the Reserves, and will retire one year after graduation. My plans are to enter the civilian work force.