Darryl C. Wilson - Publications

Darryl C. Wilson

Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund Professor of Law and Co-Director, Institute for Caribbean Law and Policy

B.F.A., Southern Methodist University
B.B.A., Southern Methodist University
J.D., University of Florida
LL.M., John Marshall Law School

Real Property, Real Estate Finance, Housing and Home Ownership for the Elderly, Trademarks and Unfair Competition, Copyrights and Patents, International Intellectual Property, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Sports Law, Entertainment Law


Mastering Property Law (rev. ed. 2013) (co-author Cynthia H. DeBose).

Mastering Property Law
(Carolina Academic Press 2011) (co-author Professor Cynthia Hawkins-León).

Sports Law (Lupus 1996) (co-authors Professors Matthew C. McKinnon and Robert A. McCormick 2nd Edition 1998).

Book Chapters

Employees’ Intellectual Property Rights; United States of America (2015) (co-authors Marketa Trimble, Jeff Hawley).

Registering Property, in Doing Business (2015) (a World Bank Group pub.).

Myths and Misperceptions Affecting the Minority Student's Law School Experience, in The African American Law School Survival Guide 112 (Evangeline M. Mitchell ed. 2006).

Bailment, in Magill's Legal Guide (Salem Press Publications 1999).

Covenants Not to Compete, in Magill's Legal Guide (Salem Press Publications 1999).

Easements, in Magill's Legal Guide (Salem Press Publications 1999).

Future Estates, in Magill's Legal Guide (Salem Press Publications 1999).

Trade Secret Law, in Magill's Legal Guide (Salem Press Publications 1999).

Florida Lawyer's Guide
1995 Real Estate Sections Revisions
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing

Current Developments in Real Estate Law: Annual Survey & ABA Real Estate Quarterly Reports, Contributing Editor, Northwestern Reporter (1993-1998)


Keeping Current—Property, ABA REAL PROPERTY, PROBATE & TRUST LAW MAG., 2011–present (contributing author/editor of bi-monthly column).

No Method to the Madness: The Failure of Section 14 of the Patent Reform Act of 2011 to Make Any Obvious Changes for the Better
, 6 Akron Intell. Prop. J. 337 (2012).

The Caribbean Intellectual Property Office (CARIPO): New, Useful and Necessary, 19 Mich. St. J. Int'l L. 551 (2011).

Battle Galactica: Recent Advances and Retreats in the Struggle for Preservation of Trademark Rights on the Internet, 12 J. High Tech L. 1 (2011) (lead article).

The Thing, The Invasion, The Tax Patent; Great Sci-Fi or Golden Raspberries?, FAMU L. Rev. 2009...on file with author.

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