George A. B. Peirce - Publications

George Peirce

Culverhouse Distinguished Practitioner in Residence

B.S. United States Military Academy
J.D. Harvard Law School
M.S. National Intelligence University

Courses: Civil Procedure, Constitutional and National Security Law Seminar on the Powers of War and Peace, the Federal Courts and the Federal System, International Law, International Security Law and Policy, and Trial Advocacy


Professional Publications:

Contributing author, The Judge Advocate General’s School, U.S. Army, Operational Law Handbook (2001 edition)

Trade Round-up, 11 Canadian Law Newsletter 3 (1990)

Selective Adoption of the New Law of the Sea: The United States Proclaims Its Exclusive Economic Zone, 23 Virginia Journal of International Law 581 (1983)

The Neutrality Doctrine in Federal Sector Labor Relations, The Army Lawyer 18 (July 1983)

Humanitarian Protection for the Victims of War: The System of Protecting Powers and the Role of the ICRC, 90 Military Law Review 89 (1980)

Arms Control: SALT, 19 Harvard International Law Journal 372 (1978)