Luz Estella Nagle - Publications

Luz Estella Nagle

Professor of Law

LL.D., Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
M.A., University of California at Los Angeles
LL.M., University of California at Los Angeles
J.D., College of William and Mary

International Law, International Criminal Law, Transborder Criminal Law, Advanced Seminar on Terrorism and Global Security, National Security


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Book Chapters:


  • "Corruption among Politicians, Law Enforcement, and the Judiciary," book chapter, Narcos Over the Border: Gangs, Cartels and Mercenaries (Taylor & Francis, 2009).
  • "U.S. International Criminal Law," co-author Bruce Zagaris, Chapter 7, ABA Criminal Justice Section State of Criminal Justice 2009
  • "The Rule of Law in Latin America," book chapter, Latin American Democracy:  Emerging Reality or Endangered Species? (Routledge, 2008).
  • "Protección del medio ambiente imponiendo una responsabilidad civil," co-author Henry W. McGee, Chapter Two, Responsibilidad civil de profesionales y empresarios (Caruña, Spain: Grupo Bilbo, 2006).
  • "La Cenicienta del gobierno: reforma a la justicia en América Latina," Chapter Six, Independencia Judicial: Diseños Institucionales y Balances Historicos (Bogotá: Ediciones Antropos, 2006).




  • Contributor, Manual de Intervención de Casos de Trata de Personas en Argentina Protocolo Práctico de Actuación de Autoridades Judiciales, Ministerios Públicos y Fuerzas de Seguridad, Unidos por la Justicia Asociación Civil y Oficina para Monitorear el Tráfico de Personas - Departamento de Estado de EE.UU., 2010, available at
  • Contributor, Narcotrafficking, Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos/Latinas in Politics, Oxford University Press, 2010 [forthcoming].
  • Impact of Globalization on Human Trafficking: An Era of Globalized Servitude, [monograph] published by Human Development Initiatives for HDI's 10th Anniversary Conference and Lecture, Lagos, Nigeria, May 11, 2007.
  • Committee co-author, "Corruption and the Rule of Law," White Paper prepared by the Corruption and the Rule of Law Working Group, American Bar Association, April 2007.
  • Plan Colombia: Reality of the Colombian Crisis and Implications for Hemispheric Security, Shaping the Regional Security Environment in Latin America Series, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, December 2002 [monograph].
  • The Search for Accountability and Transparency in Plan Colombia: Reforming Judicial Institutions--Again, Implementing Plan Colombia Special Series, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, May 2001 [monograph], also available at .
  • Doctoral Disertación, El Derecho al Deporte y el Deporte en el Derecho [The Right to Sports and Sports Law].  Medellín, Colombia: Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, 1985.


Book Reviews:


  • Review of George Edwards, LL.M. Roadmap: An International Students Guide to U.S. Law School Programs (Aspen Publishers, 2011).
  • Review of Bruce Zagaris, International White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials (Oxford University Press, 2010).


Other Publications:


  • "The State of Organized Crime in Latin America," paper delivered at the IBA-UAE Conference on Transnational Criminal Law, Oct. 2010, Dubai, EAE.
  • "The Justice and Peace Law in Colombia Means Impunity," paper delivered at the IBA Annual Meeting, Oct. 2010, Vancouver, Canada.
  • "Youth Gangs and Transnational Organized Crime in Europe," paper delivered at the International Association of Prosecutors Annual Conference, The Hague, Sept. 2010.
  • "The Future of the Economic Analysis of Law in Latin America: A Proposal for ALACDE Model Law and Economics Civil and Commercial Codes," co-author Juan Del Granado and Matthew Mirow, Paper delivered at the IXth Congreso Latin America Law Economics Association, Boalt Hall Law School, June 2005, available on the eScholarship Repository website of the University of California, at .
  • "Demobilization of Paramilitary Combatants in Colombia," U.S. Southern Command analysis position paper, 2005.