Janice K. McClendon - Publications

Janice K. McClendon

Professor of Law Emeritus

B.A., University of Texas
J.D., University of Utah
LL.M., New York University

Federal Income Taxation I 

Living on a Prayer: Misguided Belief that Corporate Tax Relief Will Reinvigorate an Outsourced Economy & Produce American Jobs (work-in-progress for Spring 2012 submission).

A Curtain Call on Deregulation and Clinton's Tax Policy: The Home Mortgage Crisis of 2008, Work in Progress

The Death Knell of Traditional Defined Benefit Plans: Avoiding a Race to the 401(k) Bottom, 80 Temp. L. Rev.
3 (2007).

A Small Step Forward in the Last Civil Rights Battle: Extending Benefits under Federally Regulated Employee
Benefit Plans to Same-Sex Couples
, 36 U. N.M. L. Rev. 99 (2006).

Bringing the Bulls to Bear: Regulating Executive Compensation to Realign Management and Shareholders'
Interests and Promote Corporate Long-Term Productivity
, 39 Wake Forest L. Rev. 971 (2004).

Pension Reform in the Aftermath of Enron: Congress' Failure to Deliver the Promise of Secure Retirement to
401(k) Plan Participants
, 92 Ky. L.J. 1 (2003) (lead article).

American Workers Are Winning a Few Battles But May Lose the War: Recent Court Decisions Fuel the Cash
Balance Plan Conversion Debate
, Elder L. Newsltr. (Sept. 2003).